Thursday, September 20, 2012

Summary and Response: Two Questions by Lynda Barry

Two Questions by Lynda Barry is about a woman who hit a point in her life where she started to second guess herself. She would ask herself two questions: "Is this good?"or "Does this suck?". By second guessing herself, she felt less confident in the work that she did when it came to her writings and drawings. She gained a sort of negative attitude and lost confidence because she felt that no matter what she did, it was never good enough for anyone, not even herself. She goes into more depth about the way she started off her writings and drawings and how those troubling times had made her overcome her feelings towards how she felt about them and in turn, made her a stronger writer and drawer. She stopped caring about other people's opinions and whether her drawings were good or bad and focused on making herself happy so that she could finally enjoy her passion again.
           I feel that I related most to Two Questions by Lynda Barry. I used to always draw and write when I was younger. I used to never care about what anyone thought. Whether my stories were "cheesy" or my drawings looked like those of a 5 year old, it never mattered to me. I then hit a point in my life where I thrived on wondering what people thought about me or what I did. As I got older, I lost my passion for writing and drawing because of it. I became very self-conscious about everything I did. I used to always feel confident, especially when I used to draw, thinking that I was so good at it and that I might actually have the potential to do something with it later in life. The same goes for my writing as well. Unlike Lynda Barry, I've never gotten my motivation to write or draw again. I've stopped writing stories and I've stopped drawing pictures that came from the depths of my imagination. I still end up drawing little pictures in the margins of my notes when I get bored in class but nothing will ever compare to what I was once capable of. Because of this, I think that it's really important to focus on yourself and what makes you feel good and not about what others may think of you or what you're doing. If you put your mind to something and you have confidence in it, you should be proud of yourself and not listen to the hurtful comments or opinions from others.

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